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Supatrax offer a range of DJ Workshops for all ages and ranges of music.Photographing clubs Nationally and Internationally since 2001Supatrax can provide entertainment for youth and school events.Learn radio skills and get involved while providing content for Sticky RadioSupatrax TV are able to show young people how to make videos and creative photography skills

How to talk 'Brum' - Top words in Brum

The Birmingham Mail recently did a feature on popular words a Brummie would use. We were shocked as you wouldn't hear anyone outta road using most of the words they listed. Supatrax decided to take a look at some of the words and interpretate them to how people really talk in the inner city second city. The Birmingham Mail wrote: "Birmingham and the Black Country are well known for their own accents, dialects and expressions." . . .  Well, Supatrax wants to look at some of the words we're supposed to be using in the second largest city in the UK and learn how to talk proppa, or should we say: 'Correctly'.

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Knife Bins . . . Are they a load of rubbish?

KnifeBins100x100Birmingham are having knife bins put in place across the city so people are able to drop off knives and other weapons anonymously. Supatrax ask "How beneficial are these gonna be to the community?" and, 'If you do drop a knife in them . . . What will happen to you and the knife????

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A Drama aimed at stopping the Knife Drama

Lighthouse100x100Wid a number of stabbings goin on resultin in lives of young people being taken across the West Midlands and the UK, some young people in Birmingham decided they needed express their concerns and highlight the effects of Knife Crime through the use of music, drama, media and spoken word.

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Are you interested in working with young offenders? - Apply NOW!

T2AT2A is a project lead by Staffordshire and West Midlands Probation Trust that assists young offenders make the transition from Youth Offending to adult Probation Services. They are looking for volunteers who have patience, commitment and drive to mentor and support young people aged 17-24 away from crime and towards attaining a range of adult skills and abilities so they can realise their full potential.

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School girl stabbed to death on bus in Birmingham

Christina100x100A young girl named as Christina Edkins has needlessly lost her life toady after being stabbed to death in Birmingham City Centre today by a 22 year old (p***yhole) man on a bus while on her way to school. Passengers on the bus battled to save Christina's life by giving her CPR until paramedics arrived at the scene, but despite their efforts, the schoolgirl was pronounced dead at the scene.


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West Midlands Fire Service - Stuart's Story

StuartsStoryTwo budding young grime artists have recorded an audio track designed to change attitudes to driving and highlight the consequences of irresponsible road use. 'Stuart's Story' is the result of a link-up between Birmingham Youth Offending Service, the WMFS Road Casualty Reduction Team (RCRT) and the West Midlands Road Safety Partnership (WMRSP).

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Amir Khan . . . Did you really bang thou????

Khan149x100As Amir Khan gets ready for his next big boxing match, last weekend the former boxing Champion was in Birmingham and it was reported that him and his brother banged 6 man out after they tried to rob his Range Rover . . . But was that REALLY the case? A video released on YouTube by one of the guys who was involved in the situation seems to tell a differrent story.

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Jamaicingham . . . Jamaican Birmingham takeover

Jamaicaingham100x100To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Jamaican Independence and the Jamaican athletic team being based in Birmingham for their Olympic preparation, Birmingham City Council are hosting a free open-air Jamaica Festival outside the Council House around Victoria Square and in front of the old library.

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The role of the 'Baby Father'.

babyfathers17112011There’s just no escaping it these days, it’s in the films we watch, the music we listen too. Magazine columns and feminist novels have dedicated endless amounts of pages to the whole babyfather issue. The single parent epidemic is sweeping through Britain so fast they even had to coin the phrase just to specify the modern man’s role in contemporary family life.

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Race Riots?

3 Asian Muslim guys were killed in Winson Green Birmingham. A 32 year old Black man has been arrested for murder after running over the 3 guys. You may ask why it's emphasised that the man is Black?

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