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Maypole Youth Centre Part 1

Working alongside Maypole Youth Centre in South Birmingham. Supatrax delivered an on-going weekly project to engage and develop music writing and producing skills. We looked at the area and addressed a number of issues that take place in the area.


The local school, Baverstock is infamous for the BBC TV Show 'Last Chance Academy' which highlighted a number of young people we were working with on a regular basis. The centre is located in Druids Heath which is regularly in the news for the wrong reasons [Click here]. 


The centre has got alot of young talent and we worked with them to develop their musical and social skills. Some of the young people went on to obtain grants to develop mixtapes and EP's to showcase their work. Others at the centre have obtained grants to set up DJ workshops, video production and music production enterprises . . . . all of which Supatrax influenced! LOL.


Supatrax regulars at the centre include Morgan and Vader, but sessions have also been delivered with Invasion's MOBO nominated MC Sox as well as Hitman from Invasion and Gravity from Silk City. 


The Maypole 16 Lyrics:

This is the Maypole, but we don’t dance around it
Da Youth Centre gave us hope, so we glad we found it
A . S . B . . . . A . S . A . P
Little boyz claiming they der da man about it

Talking the hardest with their immature attitudes
Take the wrong turn end up in the wrong avenue
Nothing to do – Next thing Five O are having you
Lifted off the endz, we don’t mean by the man about the man in blue

Too many users – Too many dealers
People doing the wrong things for the right reasons
Wanting opportunities but getting job seekers
Not enough action – Too many speakers

Ignored by the system unless it’s illegal
Treated like resources instead of like people
All born the same, but not born equal.
Be more truthful and less deceitful.

Chorus [Repeat chorus]

It’s what its like in B one Four
It’s not good and we want more
Yeah it’s not good in Maypole
But this is the place I feel at home
There’s a lot of drugs and knife crime
Youth workers help and they take time


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