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Rasta Mouse

RastaMouseWat a ting! BBC have introduced a new Cbeebies children's TV programme called Rasta Mouse, a crime fighting Patios (Patwah) speaking mouse! . . . Come like the tried to yardify Roland the Rat!

The new show is based on a children's book series, written by Genevieve Webster (an author and illustrator) and Michael De Souza (a Rastafarian swimming instructor). The show is about a mystery-solving, reggae-playing, skateboarding Rastamouse who works for the President. The show is voiced by Radio 1 DJ Reggie Yates.

Now, maybe we looking at this too deep, but is Ragga Mouse (or watever yu wan call it!?) based on the situation in Tivoli???! - Watch the flex: President runs tings in the area, dem all haffa look fi da tief dat tek da 'cheese' and at da end da President luks bout da school and mek sure everyone all right! . . . The BBC are bright!

Now for those who don't know wat we onna about . . . Last year Police in Jamaica launched an assault on Tivoli Gardens in Kingston, the home area of alleged drug kingpin Christopher “Dudus” Coke in an effort to apprehend him.

Jamaican security forces moved into Kingston’s Tivoli Gardens district and was faced by heavy gunfire as Coke’s supporters fought to to stop his extradition to the U.S., where he was wanted on drug and gun running charges.

Numerous people were killed and shot as he was eventually found. Click here to read more. The President ran the area and made sure people were able to get food, get an education and maintain the crime against one another in the area.

And . . . . You must know what Cheese is! LOOOOOL! . . . . If not, do ya research!

Maybe it's just a coincidence!???? - But anyway, da programme is rude and outta order. How you gone mek da yutes dem learn to talk to one another the way dat Rat does? . . . . Wah Gwarn, Mi nuh kno wher it der, Mi did search high an low fi da ting . . . Mek da yute talk dem tings in it's SATS and see what happen to dem!

The show has caused a discussion between mother and parents on onr of the countries leading parenting website Net Mums. Some of the comments read:

Racheal from Dudley posted:

" is it just me or does any1 else think that the new show on cbeebies advertised rasta mouse , is it a bit too much , my friends son has started copying off the advert already saying wag one mr president , im not been funny but some people might take offence to that , if u say it to the wrong person , if you now what i mean , i think its a bad idea or is it just me lol my kids wont be watching "

" ive never heard of that book , and where i live there is people who would take offence to that or think you as taking it out of them !!!! "

Juliette write:

" I thought that rastafarianism is closely linked to smoking cannabis, I can t believe they are showing this to young impressionable kids really. Its a spiritual/religious movement very un pc I would have thought. "

Laura posted:

" if you dont like it dont watch it their not going to start smoking a spliff or teach the kids how to roll one up. id rather my kids be taught about another culture than them listeningto some annoying cartoon that doesnt speak properly "

Eleanor says:

" I too am amazed about the complaints about this programme. My son's dad is Jamaican he speaks with a Jamaican accent there are many Jamaican in this country so why not let our children watch q show about Jamaican mice? Suppose u hate tinga tinga too as they speak with African accents. When our children go to school they will be taught about all cultures its about tackling ignorance.as for the rastafarianism stuff he's only called rasta mouse cos he wears the rasta hat and has deadlocks loads of people wear deadlocks for fashion. Remember racism stems from ignorance and intolerance "

What do you think of the new Rasta Mouse? Send your views to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Link to Net Mums discussion: Click here


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