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Brains and Beauty: Louise

BrainsBLou100x100Have you got the Brains and the Beauty? Meet Louise, she works within the Criminal Justice sector, has the odd 'hissy fit', loves to keep fit and hates when people are driven purely for the greed of money!

Brains & Beauty - Louise



Meet Miss Louise . . .

OccupationWorking for a Law support service

Education: 10 GCSEs C and above, A-Level, Diploma in Probation Studies, Master of Arts in Criminal Justice specialising in politics and the changing spectrum of the criminal justice system under different governments. I am also currently planning the for my PhD research to commence.

Work Experience: After completing education, I started work as Probation Service Officer assisting people who were sentenced to Probation from the courts or released from Prison. I then moved on for a better challenge and now currently work for a law support service investigating legal matters.

Goals in lifeTo be a good mother, wife, friend, sister and daughter.

Career goals: To have a good job that helps and supports disadvantaged members of our society. I would love to do my PHD

Favourite beauty productShea oil

Perfect role modelMy Mom, she is my queen and inspires me to do better. Life at times for my ma was a struggle but she never let us see her cry, she jst got up and got on with it. That's were I get my drive and determination from. Even when the going gets rough, I just smile (throw a private hissy fit) and move on. LOL! My dad is also my role model - his intellegence is Phenomenal and he is the only man I know that fully stands by his morals and beliefs and that's inspiring.

Celeb role model: Dalai Lama - I admire his patience, his morals and his standards. I am the most impatient, hyperactive person I know, and calm, laid back people inspire me.

Turn ons: Hard workers, ambitious, happy bubbly people who can make me laugh and people who are committed to making ongoing personal changes.

Turn offs: Liars and people driven only by money and consumerism- its ugly!

Celeb crush: The one and only Will Smith

Sunday morning music: I love Michael Jackson - I'll listen to him any day of the week . . .  but Bob Marley on a Sunday ;)

Favourite Holiday destination: The NYC and Jamaica - it’s like going home

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