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Carnival fears after shooting at Woody'z

Following the multiple shootings, and the injury of a young girl at a party by the West Bromich Albion ground on the Handsworth / Smethwick border, rumours have been spreading via BB messanger, Twitter and Facebook that Handsworth carnival organisers were considering having to cancel carnival fearing more shoots cud get buss at at carnival.

People have been pinging all day about the shooting that took place at the BBQ at Woodyz car wash on Sunday evening, screwing that carnival might have to be cancelled. The message got broadcast so many times people people started sending broadcasts about the broadcasts . . .You know how it goes, LOL!

The message read:

"Because of the incident at Woody'z auto last nite the carnival committee are unsure if they want to go ahead with Birmingham carnival, a girl of 2 was trampled, a lady got shot in her hand, a next in her foot, a man in his thigh and a man got grazed by the gun fire on his shoulder, there saying there unsure if holding the carnival will make these "feuds" grow more."


The BBC reported that 2 men aged 28 and 31, were taken to hospital where their condition was described as stable.

The Sunday Mercury reported the incident at the "event that was attended by mainly afro caribbean people" [Jamaicans - LOL!] and created a video wihich can be seen by clicking here.

The Birmingham Mail spoke to nearby neighbour who had heard the 'loud music' from the party, the neighbour said:

"They [I presume they means 'Black people'] were having a party up there. I heard the music myself last night. I think quite a lot of us complained to the police about it [rar informer! - LOL!]. They’re [They're????] a real pain.

“The first I knew about the shooting was this morning, but I’m not surprised about it.”

It seems that the neighbour above shares the views of others in the community, as many fear that an event that is attended by 'them' [damn cheek!] (the Black community), will end up wid a bad vibe. There were a few people who had no interest in the broadcast message sent via BB today, cus they said they weren't gonna go Birmingham carnival anyway cus it's gonna be bait now it's back in Handsworth Park this year.

Supatrax spoke to the Birmingham council department that organises the Carnival, who confirmed that carnival will be going ahead, and they were unaware of any plans to change or cancel the event that takes place on the same day as Manchester carnival, 7th August 2011. For more info about carnival see the Birmingham Council website.



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