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Supatrax offer a range of DJ Workshops for all ages and ranges of music.Photographing clubs Nationally and Internationally since 2001Supatrax can provide entertainment for youth and school events.Learn radio skills and get involved while providing content for Sticky RadioSupatrax TV are able to show young people how to make videos and creative photography skills

Birmingham gun shot sensors installed

gunshot_policeA network of sensors which can help pinpoint exactly where a gun is fired from has been rolled out in Birmingham aimed at reducing the high gun crime and later tracing the criminals. West Midlands Police say the "Shotspotter" technology, widely used in the US, will help reduce gun crime and could potentially save lives after it is triggered by loud sounds, connect to a mapping system to show where the noise has come from.

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Koran Burning in Birmingham

 15719744A teenage girl who allegedly burned a Koran at school and then posted a video of it on Facebook, has been charged with inciting racial hatred, today.




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Do you 'know' Jamaica?

JamaicaFlag100x100If you are familiar with Jamaica, I can probably bet you never knew half of these interesting facts on Jamaica. I myself was even surprised at some of these findings.

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Child fights for life

On BB Messenger there was a 'Hood News' update bout a police block in Springhill / Dudley Road in Birmingham. But the police presence wasn't what people thought it was . . .

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100 degrees in winter!!!???

100degrees100x100This winter it's gonna be 100 Degrees . . . It's gonna be all about 100 Degrees Dance Collective - 100 Degrees Dance Collective is a dance troupe based in Birmingham.

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Supatrax Man found on Grove Lane in Handsworth, Birmingham. Its believed his on tings. Should have left him up there!!!!… https://t.co/i2GlRcjQHb
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