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Blakk Spyda

BlkSpyda100x100Liverpool is a city that is historically linked to music. Many bands from the city have rocked worldwide crowds and left their arms swaying in the air like boat sails on the River Mersey. However in terms of Black music, the city have about as much to offer as a tiny mountain village in Venezuela.

After walking the streets of Toxteth (The heart of Liverpool’s Black community) and meeting some of the local MCs I soon realised it wasn’t talent that was keeping the city out of the limelight but rivalry!

Everyone I met spoke of a vicious dog eat dog culture that exists in Liverpool’s grime scene. Artists simply refuse to work with one another and wouldn’t dare to collaborate with anyone outside of Liverpool’s borders.

But once again, Supatrax has managed to break through the barriers that other media outlets simply can’t climb and bring to you that ARDD BODY news you won’t get anywhere else.

Blakk Spyda is a MC who is smashing Liverpool’s grime scene at the moment. His electrical flow provides the perfect backdrop for a menacing voice that demands your attention. There are certain MC’s who are blessed with a gift to make you move your feet. Blakk Spyda is not one of them! I can assure you if you’re in a rave and this guy comes on you will be thrown out by the bouncers for stomping holes through the club’s floorboards.

His bubbling energy and scouse twang offer the grime scene not only something it hasn’t seen before, but something it’s definitely been thirsting for.

Before you read his exclusive interview check out Blakk Spyda’s latest track ‘New Breed’.

Supatrax: “Whats good, G? You gotta tell me, how the hell has Liverpool been able to keep all this fire music locked away from the rest of the U.K?”

Blakk Spyda: “Uno what Lad unlike every other grime scene MC’s around here are not looking out for each other. No one is mates with each other everyone is the enemy! That’s the biggest problem we’ve got around her right about now.”

Supatrax: “I hear that. The only Liverpool MC I ever heard of a couple months ago was Asher.”

Blakk Spyda: “Nah lad Asher isn’t from Liverpool. Don’t get me wrong he will come down here and chill with the man’s in Toxteth but his not from Liverpool he’s from Wales.”

Supatrax: “Fo real! Ok then. So you’re born and raised in Toxteth what inspired you to get into music growing up in a city that has a niche urban market?”

Blakk Spyda: “LOL I started spitting over ten years ago yuno way back when I was 8. I think my influences back then was mainly Dr Dre. I used to rap but took up grime when I was 15. I was in a crew called R.T.G (Ruling the Game). I remember ‘Young Kof’ (A Liverpool rapper who has had numerous videos on Channel A.K.A) put on a battle night at Club Dragon. ‘Grime Fam’ was the only other big crew in the city at the time and me and one of their members (Captain) battled it out in the final.

Supatrax: “Yeah. Who won?”

Blakk Spyda: “LOL me of course! I haven’t lost a clash since I was 14. That’s why I’m calling my new mixtape ‘Undefeated Vol 1.”

Supatrax: “O.K so when is that dropping and who’s gonna be on it?”

Blakk Spyda: “In 2 months time and strictly Space records artists. Space records is a record label I’m in a pending contract with but I’m definitely looking to sign with them!”

Supatrax: “Some people say that Grime is dead. Do you think Liverpool have left it too late to break into the U.K scene.”

Blakk Spyda: “You’re a fool if u think grimes dead. It’s not dead it’s just changing! I’ve done shows in Bristol, London and Southport and the crowds have nothing but love for that raw Liverpool style so I think there’s never been a better time for Liverpool to blow!”

Supatrax: “O.K well thanks for the interview and you can be assured that Supatrax will keep the U.K updated with all the latest news to emerge from the North.”

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