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ZUBY: Introspection - Pure audio stimulation

zuby100x100British born, Saudi Arabia-bred and Oxford University educated hip hop artist Zuby returns with another promotional video release titled 'Introspection', a piano driven cut which sees the inimitable lyricist drop straight science with a crispy visual.

In the world of hip hop, Zuby is an anomaly. British born, Saudi Arabia-bred and Oxford University educated, he refuses to fit into the 'generic rapper' category. Zuby burst onto the hip hop scene in 2006 with the aptly titled 'Commercial Underground'. Armed with nothing more than a backpack full of CDs and a bucket load of confidence, he personally sold over 3,000 copies of the album on the streets of Oxford, London, Bournemouth and Southampton.

The industry also took note - the video for 'Steppin' 2 Me' was playlisted on Channel U (now AKA) and UKHH.com affirmed 'we could be looking at something big in the making.' Zuby's growing following and penchant for self-promotion led to him being ranked as the #1 musician in the Oxford Student newspaper's '50 Most Influential People in Oxford'.

Since graduating, Zuby has raised his profile further - setting up his own label COM Entertainment and expanding his loyal fan base via savvy street promotion, live performances and a strong online presence (over 400,000 plays on Myspace, 250,000 views on YouTube and 5,000 fans on Facebook). To date, he has sold over 7,000 albums independently and hundreds of his infamous 'I'm Down With Zuby, Are You?' T-shirts. He has performed live all over the UK and as far as the USA, Germany and Saudi Arabia, with radio support including the likes of BBC and Choice FM.

Zuby's second album, 'The Unknown Celebrity' remains popular with his fans and spawned two music videos, 'The Same Ones' and 'Too Many'. This was followed up by 'How I Feel: The EP' in 2010 which was accompanied by the hilarious music video for 'Rock Star'. These releases were followed up by a five date tour across the south of England.

The young rapper has recently released his most accomplished album to date, Commercial Underground 2 (CU2). The debut single 'Comin At Ya' has gained over 25,000 views on YouTube, following the release of the ground-breaking one take video shot on London's South Bank. CU2 also marks Zuby's first venture into cross-genre music, with the dubstep remix of 'Stay In My Lane' commanding dancefloor attention and reaching over 65,000 views online to date.

'Introspection' is the first of many new video releases to come from Zuby in 2012, and sees the go-getting artist continue to build his online presence alongside his nationwide fan base.

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