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Jamelia ‘the first lady of G-Unit’

jamelia50cents100x10050 Cent has invited R&B sensation Jamelia to the ‘Candy Shop’. He is planning to make Jamelia "the first lady of G-Unit. 50 Cents otherwise known as Curtis James Jackson III – was so impressed with Jamelia’s swagger (road slang for demeanour) after meeting her at the UK premier for his latest film ‘Dead Man Running’ in London last October, and has pledged to help her launch her career in the US by signing her up to his record label.

A source close to the hip-hops star said: “He thinks she is sexy, talented and has the right personality and talent to be huge in America. “He wants to make her the new first lady of G-Unit, as it has no female artists.” Olivia was the the first lady of G-Unit but left recently - See the video below.

Jamelia recently revealed she had flown out to the US to work on her new album. She said: “I'm collaborating with some amazing producers. I've worked with a guy called Harmony who's part of the Darkchild camp - he's worked with everyone from Beyonce to Lady Gaga in the past.

"I've also worked with a couple of producers out in Atlanta - a guy called Hard Work who's very up-and-coming, and another guy called AJ who's produced stuff for the new Usher album."

Jamelia’s last album ‘Walk With Me’ sold 100,000 copies, but she claimed she wasn’t happy with it.She said: “I love the songs individually, but I don’t feel that if flows very well as an album.”

Ever since her hit, Money ft. Beenie Man which was followed by a break from music shortly afterwards to have her first child, the Ladywood Birmingham girl has never fully regained that gritty ‘urban’ sound or kudos in the eyes of core urban music fans. She has smashed the pop charts with great success, but by joining G-Unit - it could not only get her back to that raw sound, but could also open many doors to the American market. There are basically two options: she will either go the Estelle route (successful) nd tear it up working with numerous big US hitters aor meet the same fate as the former first Lady of G-Unit, Olivia – resigned to hip hop history.

Jamelia was born in Smethwick in the county of the West Midlands of the United Kingdom, to a Zimbabwean father and a Jamaican mother and raised in the Ladywood area of Birmingham. She was signed to Parlophone at the age of fifteen, after impressing record executives with self-written a cappella songs. She attended the The City Technology College in Kingshurst, Solihull. She gave birth to her first daughter Teja on 18 March 2001 and her second daughter Tiani on 21 October 2005. On 9 October 2007 she announced her engagement to footballer Darren Byfield, the father of Tiani. However, in late 2009 they announced that they are to separate.

In an interview in December 2009 Jamelia commented on being a rumoured replacement for Keisha Buchanan, within the Sugababes and spoke about work with her ongoing album, which was going "absolutely amazing." She stated that she was working with producers who have previously worked with Lady Gaga and Beyonce, and that the album returned her sound to 2004's Thank You. She also vowed to come back with a "really exciting" album. The single is slated for release to radio in March 2010.

Along with her singing career Janelia has also started her film career by starring in Jericho's Walls Are Falling (2009; In production) and Magic Boys (2010; filming) - Look out for them.

Being from Birmingham and the UK we wish here the very best of luck wid what she's doing - Go do ya ting an represent! Below is the track that bust Jamelia wid Beenie.


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