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Will Smith 2 be judge on x factor

willWill Smith is the latest addition to X-factor's line up of mega star judges.

It seems Simon Cowell is pulling in more big names than Manchester City to ensure the American version of the show will be a huge success and will crush his arch rival Simon Fuller's American Idol in the ratings war.

While most X-Factor fans are getting themselves excited over seeing Cheryl Cole alongside Will Smith, I'm not exactly in any rush to see Mrs Cole once again catch another case of jungle fever, I just cant wait to see Simon Cowell take his place alongside the Fresh Prince and do the X-Factor Men In Black style. What could be better than watching Simon, alongside his super cool rapping sidekick, merk a bunch of inbred rednecks who think they can sing?Nicole-Scherzinger-1086509

Dedicating his time to the U.S version of the show, it's still quite doubtful whether or not Simon will be appearing in the original U.K edition. Many fans fear that without Simon the British X-factor will crumble. Come on now how the hell is Britain ever going to top a judge like Will Smith. I suppose X factor fans, were just gonna have to turn too Dappy to lead the country through these dark times.

On the bright side though Cheryl Cole will definitely not be appearing on the British version of the show as she has committed herself to X-Factor USA. Just like when we flogged all our prisoners of to Australia, the one thing our nation does best is dump our shit on other countries. We give em "Cheryl the devil" and get the sexy singer from the Pussycat Dolls in return. Ha! I always knew America was a land full of muggs!


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