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Lady Leshurr goin in hard

leshurr_100x100You may know her from 1 Day, but Lady Leshurr has been on the scene doing her thing for years.

Birmingham's Lady Leshurr has been writing lyrics ever since she was in primary school. Inspired by the UK Garage scene of the time, she released her first mixtape at age 16. Supatrax first bucked om Leshurr when she started to spit on Jam Radio (owned by Supatrax at the time). While on Jam she formed links with Vader and DJ Blizzard. Leshurr was tearing the place up from back then and had camera crews in to film her hot bars on a regular.

Now working with some of the hottest players in the UK Urban scene. In 2009 she starred in the Birmingham movie 1 Day, the first ever grime musical. A versatile lyricist, she showed herself able to MC over everything from bashment and RnB to grime at Glastonbury in 2010. She blew up that year with and was getting listed on eveything from MTV to USA journals and websites. Look out for a Supatrax interview with Leshurr soon.

Here is an example of Leshurr goin in hard on Chris Brown's 'Look at me now' riddim, it is tearing up all social media sites and is getting thousands of daily views (Below are live videos of her performing at Glastonbury):

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