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Ghanaian Singing Beauty 60 second interview

Flavia01042010_100x100I was listening to Funky house the other day, when I came across a very talented female. Flavia’s soulful voice sounded perfect over the funky house beat created by Knox Brown (U.K Producer), her anthem ‘funky gave me you’ is definitely going to be a hit on the urban funky house scene.

Flavia Abrokwa is a singer/songwriter hailing from Wolverhampton, born in 1989 in Italy to Ghanaian parents. She has only been focusing on her music for the past 7months but what an impact she has had.

Rising star, MC Metamore featured on her very first single and now a couple months later, her diary is filled with bookings to perform her underground hit ‘funky gave me you’ all over the UK’s major cities including, London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Supatrax sent Moneek Brown to catch up with the Wolverhampton diva in this exclusive 60 second interview but before u read what Flavia has to say, check out her underground hit that is bussing up the Midlands funkyhouse scene at the moment. See videos below (Interview continues below.)


Flavia_Potrait01042010SupaTrax: “So, Flavia what inspired you to turn your hands to music?”

Flavia: “I’ve always loved music. I felt it’s always been a major part of me. When I was younger I did loads of silly school shows and talent shows.”

SupaTrax: “What started your journey in the music industry?”

Flavia: “It was about 7months ago, one of my close friends took me to Knox Brown’s Studio. Knox heard me sing and asked me to go in the booth. It was there that I recorded my first song ‘Extra’ which featured inspirational lyricist Metamore. It was all up hill from then.”

SupaTrax: “What does the future hold for Flavia? Any exclusives for Supatrax?”

Flavia: “Since my first single ‘Extra’, I’ve been working on several projects. I’ve made two hip-hop singles and an electro single. I’ve also been promoting my new track ‘Funky gave me you’ and it’s going well, its lead me to be booked at several different events and it’s been played on different radio stations. I’m looking forward to events in Manchester and London where I will be performing next month. An exclusive for SupaTrax, (laughs), well I’m currently recording a new funky house single which is supported by different promoters. Also, fingers crossed I will be performing in Ayia Napa this summer.

SupaTrax: “Just before you go Flavia, give the fans and SupaTrax an insight into the new age class.”

Flavia: “The new age class is a Birmingham to London link up. We are a team of talented people that range from producers to artists. We can make beats and music mainly grime and funky house.”

SupaTrax: “Thank you for taking time out of your schedule for us Flavia. It’s much appreciated. Do keep us updated with any new releases and news.”

Flavia: “Anytime.” thank you

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