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Starboy Nathan comes out of the 'Dark Room'

Nathan100x100This year's X Factor auditions threw up some surprising acts - but many questioned how a previous chart topper, who has already tasted success would be able to compete and is it all fair?. Nathan explains his reasoning for doing X Factor, sets the record straight and releases a new song for his followers.


One of the acts to make it through to the final stage of auditions is Nathan Fagan-Gayle, better known as Starboy Nathan, who has already released two albums and had two Top 40 hits.

Now while there's certainly nothing against the rules about Nathan appearing on the show, there's a question about whether it's fair. 25-year-old Nathan has already released seven singles, one of which featured US star Flo Rida. He's even toured with former X Factor stars JLS and, perhaps questionably, X Factor judge Tulisa.


On the other hand, it's unfortunately clear that Nathan's career never took off the way he wanted it to - and he would not say he has 'made it' like others seem to think he has. Nathan is an independent artist doing his hard work to get the big lucrative deal that has catapulted so many other artists in to getting regular top ten chart records. He has had two top 40 singles and a spot on Big Brother followed and his voice is 'propa', so there's certainly no denying Nathan's talent.


People have said that he should not be allowed on X-Factor . . . WHY? His trying to reach his dream the same way all the others are! The only difference is - That he has had more success with it so far.


Nathan released a video to explain his situation. H e has also released a track for his fans and supporters who have stood beside him through some of the hardest times in his career. The lyrics explain: "Sitting in a dark room, I just had a lot to contemplate. I'm just in a bad mood; I guess it's just one of those days. I just lost my Dad too, nothing can compare to that pain".


Nathan explains the reasoning for the track:


"My journey over the last 12 months has been amazing, performing in stadiums with the UK's finest pop artists, independently releasing an album 3D I'm very proud of and appearing in the UK's most popular talent TV show.


"Dark Room was written and recorded in the last two weeks as a reflection of my values, determination, dedication and desire, despite all types of adversity I want to continue to create, educate and inspire as an artist.


"I would like to give something back to everyone for all the wonderful messages of support I've received, in the only way I know how, as a songwriter and singer.


"Dark Room means a lot to me so please post and share with your friends, classmates and families and take from the song what you wish!


"Thank you,


Love, peace and determination..... "


Starboy Nathan


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