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Bling venue rating guide

With each venue will be a write up on the venue ie: what the vibes were like, an we will be giving the night/venue/promotion a star rating out of 5. We will also be featuring a Miss Supatrax for each venue we photograph and then all the ladies we choose will be added to the Miss Supatrax competition at our annual Birthday Jam (September). If we think you look VERY hot, sexy and classy looking - we will be letting you know! All photographs remain the sole property and copyright of Supatrax. Professional A5 copies can be purchased by contacting the Bling section of Supatrax. Tel: 07944 248 137. A5 prints are £5 per print and A4 prints are £8 each (That includes postage and package).

If you know of a venue we should photograph contact us

The ratings for the venues are as follows:

* 1 Star
What a whack night. Screwin we even turned up. This is a dry ass dry night. Rush the promoter next time ya see dem!

** 2 Star
Maybe things will get better. Maybe its the beginning of things. Maybe we went on a bad day . . . Approach this night with caution. Ya better phone round an check if someone went there last week or heard what was going on! I'd expect to pay no more than £5 for this type of venue.

*** 3 Star
An alright night. Good music, Good turn out. Peeps seem to have made an effort an dressed up before they come out. Can't complain - screwin if you paid more than £7 to get into this type of venue. A slight vibe there spoiling the parteee vibes. Something just not right, maybe the age of the crowd or attitude of them, maybe it was a bit of a sweat box? - but hey . . . it's alright for a night out.

**** 4 Star
A good night, no bad vibes, everyone looking kriss and you can tell people actually dressed and washed before they came out. DJs were on point an the security had everything tight. People dancing and everyone was enjoying themselves. There a few peeps going on like they are something a bit to special, but nu bodda watch dat! I'd look to pay up to around £10 for this type of venue.

***** 5 Star
Yagggga YO!!!! This is what partyin is all about. Pure good vibes, hot looking ladies, fellas that are fully dapped. Relaxed party vibes, no screw face people (spending more time wacthin what everyone else is doing compared to what what they are doing themselves). DJs know how to select tune and MCs aren't chatting cack! Secure venue, pleasant sensible security and you don't have to wait an hour to get served at the bar. Expect to pay £10-£15+ for this type of venue. A slight expense but you won't be surrounded by chicken head pigeon girls and dickhead wannabe thug yutes!

This is the type of venue or party that you betta know someone in there or the promoters, or be rollin at least 2 cars, 6 peeps deep. Tuck away ya jewels and don't go on like ya ruff an tuff unless you are RUFF and Tuff! Don't even ask the doorman if you can wear trainers or not cus then they'll know to rob ya cus that means you haven't got a clue. It's GHETTO! You wear what you like how you like - jus pay ya money tek ya search and go in! Good party vibes, fulla gal an it don't finish till mornin. Expect to pay anything up to £30 to get into this venue. If the doorman teks ya for a dickhead you'll pay £15-£30. If you are GHETTO you'll expect to pay NO MORE than £5-£10. LOL!

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